Common Reasons Why Outsourced Business Development Fails, and How We Can Help

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Common Reasons Why Outsourced Business Development Fails, and How We Can Help

When you decide to outsource your business development to a third-party team, you’re investing your time, money, and trust. Unfortunately, some B2B lead generation services fail to provide any ROI. This can happen for several reasons, from poor preparation to lousy matchmaking. In this blog, we’re going to discuss three common reasons that outsourced business development fails, and how we can change that for your organization. 

Your Team Was Not Prepared for New Leads

It’s all well and good when your third-party business development team starts procuring leads and sending them in the direction of your business. However, if you are not prepared to close these leads, then the whole process is a waste of time and money. A reputable business development team will qualify all leads for you, warming them up and getting them close to closing a deal. Here at BizDev Communications, we provide high-quality, pre-qualified, warm leads for our clients, generating interest, revenue, and ROI.

Your System for Determining ROI Is Inefficient

If you have an inefficient system in place for determining return on investment, it’s impossible for you to measure success. Clearly defining goals is a necessary step when investing in third-party lead generation services. And not only that, but professional business development is an long-term commitment. We believe in setting benchmarks and milestones as a way of measuring our client’s achievements and calculating their ROI concerning our services.

The Third-Party Team Was a Poor Choice

Although this may seem obvious, some sales teams are inexperienced and unprofessional.

It’s crucial to do your homework and find a team that is qualified enough to conduct complex conversations that are unscripted and carried out professionally.

Here at BizDev Communications, we work closely with our clients to develop sales pitches that are on point with regards to branding, tonality, and product information. All of our staff are experienced and ready to work closely with your marketing and business development teams to establish a level of trust and an efficient, goal-oriented working relationship.

For more information, or to discuss B2B lead generation strategies, contact BizDev Communications today.