The Advantages of Teaming Up With a BizDev Communications Account Manager

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The Advantages of Teaming Up With a BizDev Communications Account Manager

After exceptional lead generation, your sales team will typically secure a reasonable list of paying accounts. At this point, it may look like everything is in hand, and your business is prospering. Of course, when businesses accrue accounts, the numbers are easy to use as tangible indicators of growth and success. However, when does the number of accounts become overwhelming for your sales team, and what can you do when it happens? Would you restrict the number of accounts, thus impeding growth and revenue, or hire internal account managers to make the number easier to handle? In these situations, an overabundance of good leads and onboarded clients and a lack of personnel giving individualized attention to each account will eventually lead to a damaging imbalance, precipitating a mass exodus of unsatisfied clients and an influx of one-star ratings on Google. 

Instead of dealing with such potential consequences, outsourcing your account management team to the experienced account managers at BizDev Communications could save your business from experiencing many client cancellations, additional salary payments, and more. 

What Does an Account Manager Do? 

An account manager performs the post-sales role of maintaining clients through follow-up calls, efficient appointment setting, and top-tier customer relationship management (CRM) techniques. Effective and engaging communication is critical when it comes to account managers — they work hard to ensure that all clients in their care feel valued and understood and that they can see their business prosper. With reliable account managers offering each client exceptional customer service and addressing their concerns, companies can focus on improving products and services and all of the other pressing matters of their company without worrying about client retention. 

The Benefits of Hiring BizDev Account Managers

  • They Understand Each Client’s Business & Competition
  • They Conduct Extensive Research About the Clients’ Varied Industries, Products, & Services
  • They are Exceptional Communicators 
  • They are Focused on Client Satisfaction & Results 

Generally speaking, every account manager should possess the qualities listed above. They should know their clients, their industries and preferences, and know how to talk to them. Unfortunately, not all managers can dedicate the time, energy, and resources to ensure that all clients receive the same excellent quality services. More frequently than many companies wish to admit, the larger accounts will demand the most and take up the majority of the agency’s time, while the smaller accounts get lost in the crowd. 

By outsourcing account management with BizDev Communications, your business’s accounts will receive the attention they deserve from account managers who care strongly about client success and retention. With continuous follow-ups, seamless appointment setting, and backgrounds in modern CRM methods, our account managers will produce higher levels of online lead generation, customer engagement, and rankings, and increase traffic to websites and digital marketing products. 

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