Transforming Leads into Customers With a Sales Funnel that Works

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Transforming Leads into Customers With a Sales Funnel that Works

No matter the industry, product, or service you offer, you want to effectively grow your company by attracting as many quality customers as possible and getting them to “Add to Cart” and click “Order.” After all, the perpetual objectives you have for your business are to boost sales and profits, right? Of course, this can be challenging without the right amount and type of planning.  

Many business owners believe that getting increased traffic to their sites is enough to bring in more customers who are willing to spend money on the products you sell. However, leading the traffic to the webpage is not as difficult as keeping the traffic on the site and making conversions. To transform those leads into paying customers, you need to work on your sales funnel. 

What is the Purpose of a Sales Funnel?

Your sales funnel is the process through which you guide potential customers, beginning at the time they first learn of your brand and products and ending when they make purchases and become actual customers. While lead generation specialists like those from BizDev Communications can help create interest in your products and vet leads for those most likely to make purchases, the next step is just as crucial in the overarching “browser-to-customer” evolution. 

The idea is to push them gently through the funnel instead of getting them halfway there and leaving them in Limbo or free to climb back out! 

Improving Your Sales Funnel

Let’s take a closer look at the steps in your sales funnel, and see where you can make some crucial improvements: 

Determine Your Target Audience & Conduct Appropriate Research

You need a target audience to which you should direct your selling efforts. Once you have a few in mind, research the audiences’ interests, pain points, expectations, favorite communication channels, and any other relevant information. 

Create Realistic Buyer Personas

After figuring out your target audience, you need to ask yourself why they might want to buy what you are selling, how they will use it, and why they would make the purchase. These questions will help you plan your promotional campaigns and even package your products.  

Plan a Strategy for Effective Lead Generation

This step is essential to the health and vitality of your sales funnel. It requires you to increase web traffic through the uses of effective B2B lead generation strategies, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click campaigns (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Optimized Blog Posts, Email Marketing, etc. 

In addition to those strategies, this is also an excellent opportunity to bring in the help of BizDev Communications. Our lead generation specialists can find high-caliber leads and weed through them while you finalize and implement your strategy.

Engage & Nurture 

This step is the most finicky and drawn-out one in your sales funnel. It requires you to continually engage leads, keep them interested in what you have to offer, and nurture relationships with them, to persuade those leads to leap to the next and final step. 

Think of this stage as a circle: you implement your lead generation strategies; we obtain more leads and vet them for those with the highest chance of making conversions; and the strategic, promotional content you deliver helps turn those leads into customers. Repeat. 

Complete the Transformation 

At this step, your leads have been sufficiently nurtured and ready to complete their evolution to customer. While you may see plenty of conversions on your website or online store, you want more! It is only natural, and it is one of the best ways to achieve your business goals. A great way to transform prospects into paying customers is to simplify your online purchasing process. Consider making sign-up and sign-in tasks quicker, reducing the number of form fields, and making checkout/payment processes more intuitive. 

If you are interested in bringing in more good leads, improving your sales funnel, and increasing your conversion rate, call the lead generation specialists at BizDev Communications today and see how they can help grow your business!