Turning Leads Into Closed Deals With Managed Business Development

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Turning Leads Into Closed Deals With Managed Business Development

While many people will say that driving traffic and generating leads is vital to success in business, it’s actually only half the battle—and it may be the easier half. When considering lead generation, you need to realize that it’s not just about compiling a database with names and email addresses; it’s about closing sales, driving new business, and acquiring paying customers.

At BizDev Communications, we understand this crucial difference between generating leads and securing sales. Since the sales cycle for B2B businesses can be significantly extended, especially for major purchases, then it becomes even more crucial to have a firm who has your best interests in mind and comprehends the importance of this period.

Here’s how BizDev Communications, the premier business development manager, can turn your leads into closed deals, bringing you revenue and allowing you to use your time to focus on what’s important—operating your business.

Remaining Engaged With Prospects Along the Journey

The B2B sales cycle can be a long journey. The fact is, most qualified leads aren’t really ready to buy, but they intend to at some time in the future. Research shows that anywhere from 30% to 50% of leads that enter the pipeline will result in future sales opportunities. However, they can be reluctant to buy at first.

Because of this, the sales cycle for B2B buyers can be extended significantly, especially for major purchasing decisions. Along that journey, B2B buyers are performing substantial research every step of the way, long before they are ready to commit to a purchase.

That’s where we come in. At BizDev Communications, we can help your business to integrate and formalize the digital lead management process to take advantage of all the leads you’re currently generating. With consistent, timely, and relevant communication and engagement with your leads, we help develop them into sales, increasing your revenue and adding to your bottom line.

Nurturing Each and Every Lead

Lead nurturing is the process of fostering relationships with leads who aren’t yet ready to buy in order to win their business in the future when they’re finally ready to make their decision. The idea is to stay engaged with these leads throughout each stage of the buying cycle, gently but assuredly moving them toward a purchase. By providing valuable information that decision makers require to make an informed purchasing decision, your business will stay front of mind — and when they’re finally ready to commit to buying, you’ll be there.

Understanding the lead generation process and the necessity to patiently and properly manage it is the first step in bringing in sales and adding revenue for your business. The second step is hiring BizDev Communications for your outsourced business development management. We’ll not only get you the leads you need, but we’ll also set a progressive plan in place to turn them into the sales you deserve.

For more information on how BizDev Communications can help to handle your leads and maintain those relationships through effective communication and management, contact us today.