What is a Lead Generation Specialist, and Why Do You Need One?

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What is a Lead Generation Specialist, and Why Do You Need One?

A lead generation specialist performs what might be the most important task in the world of lead generation: researching and qualifying leads to make sure they’re the right audience for your business. 

The entire purpose of lead generation marketing is to identify the right audience so your sales team can convert those consumers into customers. And as the name suggests, a lead generation specialist specializes in filling up that pool of potential customers.

Part of building a successful business is marketing, and you’re most likely already generating your own leads with content marketing, social media, paid advertising, or some mixture of all three. A lead generation specialist is a great addition to that marketing plan because he or she will take the leads coming in, weed through them, and deliver only the genuine, quality leads to your salespeople.

While lead generation specialists also seek out sales leads themselves, whether via telemarketing or other outreach channels, the real magic happens afterward. If you can imagine the “sales funnel” structure, with marketing at the top and new customers at the bottom, a lead generation specialist works in between marketing and sales to make the entire funnel run efficiently and effectively.

Sure, leads are vital to the success of a business, but if those leads aren’t vetted to make sure those people actually want/need your products or services and can afford them, it wastes everyone’s time. How frustrating, disappointing, and unproductive for your sales team to spend days chasing down bad leads when they could be bringing in business and making you money! Bad leads are not only bad for business; they can demotivate the entire sales force.

The job of the lead generation specialist is to eliminate the waste, unstick the stagnation, and push the sales process forward. 

How do you find a good lead generation specialist? Experience, connections, and an ability to adjust strategy on the fly are all vital qualities for a professional whose job is to measure the pulse of the marketplace. 

If you’re considering hiring a lead generation specialist to help with online lead generation and lead qualification, BizDev Communications is the ideal partner. We don’t just come up with effective and innovative lead generation strategies; we help you track your conversion rates so you have tangible proof that your business is growing.

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